GitBlade is under active development and our issue tracker currently holds around 300 open issues - most of them new features for the upcoming versions.
Our issue tracker started as a private tool, but we are working on making it public so that users can keep an eye on it and publish issues on their own.
But until this is ready we will publish some of the more interesting upcoming features here.

  • Add ability for GitBlade to work behind corporate proxies
  • Add support for submodules, externals, upstreams and forks
  • Add GitFlow support
  • Improve the documentation on the web site
  • Fix a bug where renamed files/folders are sometimes not displayed properly
  • Add ability to edit repository and global Git configurations
  • Improve memory consumption
  • Add ability for user to set custom timezone
  • Fix a bug where conflicts in line endings break the merge tool
  • Add support for tags
  • Improve the search markers when 'word wrap' is used
  • Add additional options for Pull and Push
  • Add ability to compare different versions of images
  • Fix a bug where SVG images from history are not displayed
  • Add support for two factor authentication
  • Add an option to automatically detect changes in files (without the need to explicitly refresh)
  • Add support for GitHub tokens
  • Fix a bug where long output from "Pull" gets truncated

Released in 1.0.4
  • Add additional color schemes, including a light theme
  • Add markers in the scrollbar to show where the changes are

Released in 1.0.3
  • Add a pretty blame feature

Released in 1.0.2
  • Improve the history search options - add search by author, date, etc.
  • Add an option to hide merge commits from the list

Released in 0.9.7
  • Add ability to combine commits and cherry pick

Released in 0.9.6
  • Add ability to stage portions/lines instead of the whole file
  • Add ability to select multiple commits and view their combined changes
  • Add ability to select folders
  • Improve the initial page ("no repository loaded")
  • Add ability to clone repositories
  • Add ability to edit previous commit messages