An elegant GUI for Git
that supports Linux, Mac and Windows


GitBlade's idea is to provide a graphical client for Git that will work on most operating systems.
It started as a prettier version of git gui but things escalated quickly and more and more features started showing up.

Check out some more screenshots below:

How To Install

Linux APT (Debian based - Ubuntu, Mint)

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb ./'
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 6ECD108C66165FE8
sudo apt update
sudo apt install gitblade

Linux .tar.gz

Linux archive, tested on Mint, Ubuntu, Arch and SuSE, but there's a good chance that it's working on other 64-bit distros as well:

.tar.gz archive

Linux .deb package

For Linux distributions that support .deb packages you can also directly download the .deb file:

.deb package

Windows Installer

Windows installer


Coming soon :)

Purchase a License

GitBlade offers a 60 days free period with all features available, that can be used to check if you like the project.

If you like it and want to support further development you can purchase a license.
The license is lifetime and costs just €14.99 €6.99.
It can be used on up to 3 different machines (for ex. home computer, office computer, laptop).

But please note the licenses cannot be returned and therefore refunds are not possible (at least at this point), so please test it first :)

Currently only Paypal is supported.
You can get a license by filling in your name and email below - they will identify you as the license holder (no spam will be sent ever, promise :)).
(Multiple licenses can be ordered with the same name and email.)

Still in Beta

GitBlade is still a beta version, so please excuse any small glitches that may occur here and there.
They will all be gone soon :) We'd love to hear your feedback!
If you have any comments, suggestions, etc. you can reach us at feedback (at), in Twitter or in our Facebook page.