An elegant Git client

For Mac, Linux and Windows

Free lite version

Supports most of the basic Git features

What is it

GitBlade is a clean an simple graphical client for Git that works on Mac, Linux and Windows.

It has a free Lite version that supports many of the "everyday" features and there's also a PRO version for users who want to jump into the "here be dragons" section.

Check below for more details and screenshots.


Some of GitBlade's coolest features are:

Merge Tool

Easily examine and resolve merge conflicts.

Blame / Annotate Tool

Go through a file's history and see how each line evolved over time - who did the change, when and why.

Combined Diffs

View a combined diff between multiple commits. Works even if commits are not consecutive.

Visual Graph

A visual graph shows how different commits and branches are linked together.

Stage Hunks

It's possible to stage, discard or revert only a specific section of the file, instead of everything.

Automatic Updater

New versions are installed easily.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so here they are:


Latest version: 1.0.6

GitBlade runs on MacOS, Linux and Windows.
For each OS a number of install options are available, choose the one which suits you best:

MacOS HomeBrew

brew cask install gitblade

Linux Apt Repository

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb ./'
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 6ECD108C66165FE8
sudo apt update
sudo apt install gitblade

Download Installers

What people are saying

“The amazingness of GitBlade is beyond reasonable.”

Lacho Tomov


Purchasing a License

GitBlade comes with a 14 days trial during which all PRO features are available.

To keep the PRO features you can purchase a lifetime license which is valid for 3 machines.


  • Basic Git features
  • 14 days of PRO features

$19.99 /User

  • All of Lite version features
  • Merge Tool
  • Blame Tool
  • Advanced history search
  • View combined diffs
  • Ability to stage only specific portions of the file
  • Repository tabs
  • Use on up to 3 machines


You can get a license by filling in your name and email below - they will identify you as the license holder (no spam will be sent, promise :))

Currently only PayPal is supported

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